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A Stalk In The Woods

Starring Luna and Scott Torvea We fade in on the lovely Luna taking a stroll near some unknown woods. A stranger in a…


A Super Bad Score

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sumiko, and Jessie Belle We fade in on Jessie Belle and Jacquelyn Velvets as two burgla…


A Super Place To Be

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sinn Sage, and Mandy. Two overconfident robbers (Sinn and Mandy) break into a house they'…


A Tinder Date Obsession

Starring Sumiko and Sarah Brooke Our story begins with Sarah Brooke nervously looking at her phone. She can’t b…


A Toy Named Suzy

Starring Suzy, Jacquelyn Velvets, and Sleeperkid We fade in on the lovely Suzy as she answers her door, inviting o…


A Twisted Ending



Addie's Night In

Starring Addie Juniper and Chuck Bass. Addie makes her return to in one of her first ever rag dolli…


Admiring Arden

Starring Arden Adaire and Sleeperkid. Based off a custom script, Arden is a call girl that is hired from a company that …


Adventures In Cheerleading

Based off a custom story by neile59,  this lovely little stalker tale stars Jacquelyn and Ed. Jacquelyn is warming …


Against All Odds

Starring Nicole Moser, Kerri Taylor, and Ed. Nicole is getting all dolled up for an early evening of p…


Agent Becca's Plan

Starring Becca and Sleeperkid We fade in on a villain’s POV: his security cameras catching Agent Becca breaki…


Agent Provocateur

Tara Bush plays a secret agent that has access to top secret codes that are highly sought over. She won't budge for …