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Twists And Turns


Starring Becca and Jacquelyn Velvets. Bikini Agent Velvets is given the task of ridding a criminal lair of an army of Gold Bikini Clones...all modeled after the beautiful and deadly Agent Becca (i.e. one of Velvets' fiercest rivals that was once presumed deceased). The well-trained agent makes her way through every inch of the house, taking out clone after clone with a barrage of lethal neck snaps (with some added overkill necro-snaps to "be sure"), fulfilling every aspect of her mission...until the REAL Agent Becca surprisingly shows up and takes Miss Velvets out with a heavy dose of chloroform! Becca is about to kill Velvets off for good, but decides she'd rather keep her enemies around just so she can toy with her again in the future!

Another twist ending arrives as Velvets' boss shows up to take care of Becca himself, and as we see him carrying the unconscious Agent Becca away, we can be sure both ladies will continue their rivalry again sooner than later!
This movie contains 6 neck snap deaths, 8 overkill neck snaps, slow neck snap death, chloroform KOs, over the shoulder carries, dragging, cradle carry, pulse checks, limp limb manipulation

14 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 436 MB

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