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Interested in having a custom video made? 

When you have a custom made, YOU are in total control of any aspect you wish. You may pick the costumes, content, actresses, and most of the locations.

VelvetsFantasies is a PG-13, NON NUDE, NON EXPLICIT fetish website, therefore we cannot provide any customs with any sexual acts. The actresses may wear non-sheer lingerie, and even go down to thong underwear based on the comfort level of the individual.

Many of the actresses featured on this site are available for custom orders that can entail any type of fetish and concept.

Customs are priced based on these factors and their level of accessibility. Basic prices start at this range:

One Girl POV Style $200
Two Girl $300-$400
Three Girl $400-$500
Four Girl $500-$600

Scripts are more than welcomed, but even if you're not the script writing type, we can work from your ideas to shape out the story you are looking for.

VelvetsFantasies owns the rights of all the videos produced and may release your custom up for sale on the site, but only after you have a copy of it first! The biggest reason why we are able to provide customers which such low rates lies solely on this fact. If you are interested in having an EXCLUSIVE custom
video made, a higher price range will be adjusted to the final cost. 

All videos are received as a downloadable high quality MP4 format, or may be shipped to you on a discreet DVD.

Various payments methods can be set up to suit your needs. To further discuss details about your custom order, please contact Jacquelyn Velvets directly at: