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Wonder Remi Sleeps


We fade in on a private psychiatrist (played by Sleeperkid) who gets a knock on the front door he's been waiting on for days. It's non other than WONDER-REMI, and she's in desperate need of help. Turns out Wonder-Remi's getting SICK of being repeatedly KO'ed by the city's criminals...especially when they use chloroform! Her anxiety is slightly assuaged ater the doc mentions a special hynposis-based therapy that might help her overall fear. In a matter of seconds, Remi falls under his spell...leaving the doc to assume his REAL identity, that of the evil DR. HYPNOTO! What follows is a series of KOs, hypnotic suggestions, comedic "butt in the air" knockouts, and even some sexy lap dances from our subdued and controlled heroine!
After finding out that Wonder-Remi can only be TEMPORARILY hypnotized, Hypnoto commands Remi to turn into her alter ego ("Diana")...a move that puts Dr. Hypnoto in complete control of the now lingerie-clad Remi! Throw in some OTS carries and some lasso-of-truth confessions, and you've got yourself a really BAD day for everyone's favorite Amazonian, and a perfect evening for the cunning DOCTOR HYPNOTO!

This movie contains hypnotic KO, dance commands, sleep command KOs, sleepy gas KO, chloroform KOs, over the shoulder carries, fireman's carries, eye checks, limp limb manipulation

36 minutes run time WITH OUTTAKES!
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.10 GIG

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