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Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sumiko, and Jessie Belle

We fade in on Jessie Belle and Jacquelyn Velvets as two burglars who have spent weeks casing a specific house in an affluent neighborhood.  They break in and freak out over all the goodies in store for their fencing operation, but a sound from the bedroom gets their attention.  They find the home’s sleeping owner (played by Sumiko) and discuss their next move.  Jacquelyn suggests some lethal action but Jessie advises against it, only to turn and find their potential victim…gone.  

Before they know what’s happening, a flurry of massive blows connects with the thieves chins from an attack too quick to catch with the naked eye. They get repeatedly bashed in the face until a final forced headbutt leaves both baddies out cold and on the floor. Sumiko suddenly appears behind them,
and it’s clear that this lovely little lady is NOT what she appears to be! She decides to have a little fun and awakens Jessie…then pretends to faint from fear after she stands up. A confused Jessie wakes her partner up and carries Sumiko over her shoulder as she decides to continue with their burglary. Sumiko, quick as lighting, knocks Jacquelyn out with a face punch while still in the carry, only to end Jessie’s consciousness with a reverse kick to the face! Jessie collapses and Sumiko lands on the bed, smiling as she decides to reveal her true self.  She stands and transforms into her superheroine alter ego (she never gives a name…and that’s just the way she likes it) and leaves the room, decked out in a sexy silver suit…and happy with the new cat and mice game she devised during the transformation!

Jacquelyn and Jessie come to and try to escape, but Sumiko has a series of KO kicks, a brutal double karate chop, and a straight jacket choke hold waiting for them…and soon both burglars are out cold on the couch. Sumiko disappears yet again and the devilish duo regain consciousness. They decide to make a break for the kitchen door but (needless to say) Sumiko is waiting for them. Jessie grabs a cast iron skillet and slams it into Sumiko’s skull…with zero effect. She tests it on herself and cries out in pain, going for another sweeping blow that Sumiko ducks, leading to a sudden KO strike that collides with Jacquelyn’s jaw! A stunned Jessie grabs her partner as Sumiko shows a little mercy. She agrees to let them escape but tells Jessie that they’ll both end up in jail for the rest of their lives if she ever catches them committing another crime.

Jessie agrees to the terms and picks Jacquelyn up over her shoulder, running away and sobbing as the powerful Sumiko calls “Y’all come back now, ya hear?” out from behind them.

This movie contains head butt KOs, fainting KO, punch KO, kick KO, double neck chop KO, straight jacket choke KO, frying pan KO, g/g OTS carries, limp limb manipulation

16 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 563 MB

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