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Raggedy Hannah


Starring Hannah Perez, Sleeperkid, and Jacquelyn Velvets. Based on a custom script, this EPIC rag doll movie is a follow up to "Candles Ragdoll Shoot". When we last left SK and Jacquelyn, it would seem that their relationship had taken a turn for the worst when she caught him having a suspicious-looking sleepy photoshoot with Candle Boxxx. Now, we see the reconciled couple up for having some sleepy fun of their own, but not before Jacquelyn runs off to complete a few errands.

SK patiently awaits for her to come home, but when a frantic knock is heard at the door, we see an overheated Hannah Perez trying to catch her breath from running to SK's house after her car broke down a few miles down the road. Before he even has the chance to help, she faints in his arms and becomes completely unresponsive. In a panic, he carries her lifeless form to the couch, moving her entire body around to attempt to wake her up, but as her overheated body gets warmer, he decides to cool her off by removing her dress...revealing a pink bikini underneath.

Hannah's unconscious body gets put into many awkward positions, as she can't help but to crumble over herself with every movement. She flutters her eyes open amidst the rag dolling, only to be able a few soft words before her eyes roll in the back of her again. Despite his efforts, he figures taking a couple of photos before Jacquelyn gets home won't do any harm, and as he repositions Hannah in a variety of ways for his photo shoot, letting her limp form fall where it may.

Hannah proceeds to awaken and panic, but a quick KO and a syringe filled with mind-erasing serum quickly takes care of that problem.  As is SK's luck, however, Jacquelyn discovers him with Hannah in his arms and loses her mind...that is, until a sudden chloroform KO and a shot of the same stuff used on Hannah releases the tension in the air.  SK finally carries Hannah to the door as she awakens, convincing her to head back to the car and wait for the tow truck he's happy to call.  Minutes later he awakens Jacquelyn and barely gets out of  one HELL of a sticky situation!  

This is hands down one of the BEST rag doll movies to date, if only due to Hannah Perez's jaw-dropping performance. Her entire body is thrown into various positions, as she folds into herself in an awkward heap of her own limbs, she even falls on the floor on multiple occasions...and NONE of her actions are prepped or scripted.  Fans of 100% limp and un-aided limp/ragdoll play will have a hard time finding this clip's equal...and that's a promise!

This movie contains fainting KO, black jack KO, chloroform KOs, injection KOs, cradle carries, cradle carry into an over the shoulder carry, over the shoulder carries, HUGE EMPHASIS on rag dolling, and limp limb manipulation

46 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.40 GB

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