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Twin Peeks


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Ivy Sloan. Based off a custom script, Ivy plays the role of twin sisters. One of them is suspected to be the infamous "Blanket Widow" that knocks out victims with thick blankets and scarves. An undercover agent (played by Jacquelyn) is sent to arrest her in her own turf once and for all. Jacquelyn arrives from a company called "Scarfs International" and offers to show off some of her latest fashions. Ivy willingly lets Jacquelyn in, and by doing so she falls for her trap with a chloroform soaked scarf. Jacquelyn accuses Ivy of being the Blanket Widow, but after being tied up and some more KOs, Ivy still pleads for her innocence and consciousness.

Meanwhile Nurse Ivy comes home and discovers evidence from Jacquelyn's belongings, and sets a trap for her with a chloroform soaked blanket. When Jacquelyn is under Ivy's control we find out that the nurse is in fact THE Blanket Widow, and Jacquelyn had them mixed up all along! But, she has a few tricks up her sleeve to take the Blanket Widow down, and take her down she does...but not before a series of KOs that lead to a wickedly twisted twist ending!

Fans of various cloth KOs will love this heavily soaked chloroform video!


SPOILER:  After untying and scarf-chloroforming the innocent Ivy out, Jacquelyn is attacked by the Blanket Widow and knocked out via a soaked chloro blanket.  Ivy awakens, only to be knocked unconscious by her twin sister (via POV blanket chloroform), who then drags the defeated Jacquelyn out of the room as we fade to black...


This movie contains multiple chloroform knockouts via scarf and blanket soaking, point of view knockouts, emphasis on sleepy talk, over the shoulder carry, eye checks, limp limb manipulation, bondage

28 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 878 MB

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