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Immerse Yourself with Coco Part 2: Part 1 of 2


Starring Coco

You’re enjoying a quiet evening to yourself by flipping through the pages of your favorite comic book. Suddenly your eyes begin to get heavy, and you feel yourself drifting off into sleep. The next thing you see when you open your eyes is that your comics and laptop have been replaced by a mysterious bag containing knock out implements that you’ve never seen before. And when you turn your head, you’re shocked to see that a beautiful woman dressed in a skin tight cat suit is attempting to rob your house.  She looks like Catwoman, but could it be the same cat burglar from the comics?? When she bends over, you can’t resist to touch what she’s offering, which gives you the incentive to take this sassy cat burglar down with those knock out toys you’ve been provided!

What follows is a barrage of attacks on this lovely being by showing her who’s boss of this house. First, you send in a flash bomb that stuns her, and in her weakened state you take advantage of feeling her assets while she’s in this weakened state. When she awakens, she tries to fight back, but she’s clearly no match for you now when you take out a taser, zapping her with it multiple times, and then revealing her beauty underneath her mask. You take it further by disrobing her, knocking her out in multiple ways, fondling and caressing her as she weakly tries to escape. But, it’s no use. She’s clearly lost this game of cat and mouse.

You bring her to the bedroom and admire her sleeping form as it lays across your lap. You put her out with a nerve pinch, and she woozily flops back on the bed. Finally, you’ve got her where you want her and it seems like the night is set. But when you turn around, she’s no where to be found! You go running into the living room and see your computer and comic book have replaced the KO bag. Was that all just a wonderful dream?

This movie contains flash bomb KO, taser KO, injection KO, neck pinch KO, mouth play, fondling, de-masking, body rolling, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation


31 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.6 GB

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