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Bad To The Clone 2


Starring Becca, Merry Meow, and Sleeperkid

A male secret agent (played by SK) is sent to take out a small group of clones created from the DNA of two rival operatives (Merry Meow and Becca), and he does so with surgical precision. Using a variety of knockout techniques, he takes each clone down and out, only to carry them away to a quickly building body pile (not shown). After a final set of easy takedowns, Sleeperkid makes his way into the primary building, where he’s suddenly attacked by the ORIGINAL agents! The girls nail some decent blows, but SK tricks Becca into punching Merry out cold. Becca rushes to check on her fallen friend, leaving our hero open to render Becca unconscious with a vicious bear hug. He reports back to his boss, setting up a pickup for the sleeping operatives, but decides to have some fun with them before they arrive, using their bag of KO weapons to repeatedly wake them and render them unconscious, until, a final DOUBLE OTS carry leads to a win for the cunning agent! A must have for fans of KOs, carries, and the beautiful Merry and Becca!

This movie contains double sleeper hold KO, sleeper hold KOs, neck chop KO, sleepy spray KOs, double neck chop KO, punch out KO, bear hug KO, rope choke KO, black jack KOs, pressure point KOs, double chloroform KO, double over the shoulder carries, cradle carries, body piles


22 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 996 MB

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