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Spread And Dead


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Scott Torvea

We fade in on super-sexy assassin/spy Jacquelyn Velvets as she makes her way into her target’s lair, looking for vital information worth millions. Her rival (Scott Torvea) sneaks up behind her, and a battle begins. Agent Velvets shows off her skills, trapping him in a two-handed choke…but her foe grabs a foreign object and uses it to crush her skull instantly!  She collapses on top of him, her eyes rolling as she convulses. Her demise takes some time, and her killer relishes every second, carrying her to the bed and de-booting her as she slowly fades. 

After she’s gone, he continues his dark delights, using a taser to make her body convulse as he explores her limp body with his hands, removing her gloves, opening her jacket, and tasering her in different positions. As a finale, he carries her to his shower and props her body up, covering it with water and tossing the taser in with her for a finale convulsion-filled display. A final shot of Velvets, eyes wide and fixed, sitting next to Mister Torvea as he enjoys a vape is the last thing we see as the camera (and agent Velvets’ existence) fades to black!

This movie contains head trauma death, emphasis on twitching, taser convulsing, death stares, over the shoulder carry, dragging, limp limb manipulation


  • 13 minutes runtime 
  • Resolution - 720x1280
  • File Size - 1.49 GB

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