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Immerse Yourself with: Saya Savage Part 2


Starring Saya Savage

The sleepy stalker we all know and love.  Yes.  We’re talking about YOU.  You’ve returned, but this time you’re taking the day off from the real deal in order to slap on your new VR gear and enjoy an epic game: one where you toy with the stunning Saya Savage!  The game is divided into two parts, but your goal stays the same: take apart your prey with multiple knockouts, relieve her of her street clothes, caress her soft skin as she slumbers, and leave her in tons of different positions until she awakens, greeting yet ANOTHER POV attack!!!  Bondage and bed torture are included, as well as a taser attack, some sexy fisticuffs, and more…until a final (and very sensual) chloroform attack leaves Saya melted in your grasp.  Game over!

This movie contains foot pressure point KO/wake up, hand smother KO, invisible sleeping gas KO, sleepy spray KO, frying pan KO, teasing taser KO, punch KO, belly punching, black jack KO, boxing glove KO, tranquilizer dart KO, teasing chloroform KO, bondage, eye checks, groping, fondling, mouth play, limp limb manipulation


49 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 3.74 GB

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