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Making The Cut


Starring Sumiko and Saya

Sometimes, simplicity is better than all other options. Simple things: like two beautiful women and a pair of sexy one piece suits. The simplicity of a blade sinking into a rival’s body…over and over again…until she goes still. That’s the kind of simple and sexy action this clip will provide while making zero apologies about the action, especially when it stars the lovely Sumiko and the stunning Saya as rival spies destined to do battle over and over again, in different locations, each time fighting it out with knives…and each time ending it with a very decisive victory.

And it doesn’t end there. Two astounding POV scenes end this barrage of stabs and victories, with both agents meeting a sexy and writhing demise at the hands (or blade if you prefer) of their boss, who leaves them side by side as the camera fades to black.

This movie contains multiple knife stabbing deaths: belly stabbing, lower gut stabbing, back stabbing, throat slicing, breast stabbing, POV stabbing, body piles, twitching, writing, death stares, pleading, sneak attacks, limp limb manipulation


28 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.5 GIG

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