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Oh, Snap!


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Starring Sumiko, Arielle Lane, and Jacquelyn Velvets. Sumiko and Arielle are two new Death Bots that Jacquelyn wants to test out their skills first to see which one would make a more proficient body guard. After experimenting with a few commands, Jacquelyn activates a new human behavioral software for the fem bots, and locks in their commands for a back and forth battle that will ultimately always end in one of the fem bot's neck snapping demise. To up the ante, Jacquelyn interjects with upgrading each bot that proves to hold a few interesting surprises! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

This movie contains fem bot commands, 8 neck snap deaths, 5 after death neck snaps, throat lift choke, throat lift neck snap, head slam, punch outs, limp limb manipulation, over the shoulder carry

14 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 500 MB

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