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Immerse Yourself: with Vampirella


Starring Alisa Kiss as VAMPIRELLA

In the spirit of Halloween this weekend, VelvetsFantasies brings you a special Halloween addition of the Immerse Yourself series!

Our scene begins as you lay on the the helpless victim of the beautiful and intimidating Vampirella. She wickedly smiles as she brags about how easy it was to capture you,  not noticing as your hand creeps to your pocket. You whip out a crucifix and she gasps.  It turns out this is no vampire's trap. This was all your design.  She starts to weaken and you start your fun, using various knockout methods and toys to put her out, only to use the crucifix to keep her in a weakened state when she comes to.  At one point she manages to disappear on you, but her lack of energy makes it easy for you to subdue her (via a garlic-laced drug-filled syringe).  You plunge it into her beautiful and cold skin twice, relishing her reactions to the chemicals as she fades away yet again.  The predator becomes the victim as you rag doll her limp  form...placing the crucifix on her bare stomach in order to keep her out. One DOES have to make an escape after repeatedly knocking a powerful vampire out, after all...

This movie contains hand smother KO, chloroform KO, sleepy spray KO, weakness KO, gas mask KO, syringe KO, limp limb manipulation, mouth play

16 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 525 MB

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