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The Spy Who Hugged Me


Starring Luna and Sleeperkid

We fade in to a distress video being sent by agent Velvets to any sister agent that might receive it…one that ends with a pleading Velvets taking a sneak attack KO as the tape ends! Fast forward to agent Luna making her way to Velvets’ last location, breaking into the house only to take a similar attack from the same sinister man (SK, of course), who squeezes her in a reverse bear hug and switches to a standard squeeze that slowly saps the agent’s strength, leaving her out cold and dangling in his grip. The evil bastard then decides to toy with the lovely Luna, repeatedly waking her up and using different tactics, occasionally carrying the sleeping Luna via OTS, cradle, and fireman’s carry. His torture continues, culminating in a final “distress style” video sent out, yet again, by agent Velvets!

How is this possible, you ask? Well…it turns out Agent Velvets (spoiler alert) had been brain-washed by her captor and forced to send the distress video out, a fact that Luna discovers after Velvets tricks her into a final knockout that ends Luna’s consciousness as we end on a comedic note, with agent Velvets peppering Sleeperkid with tons of unnecessary questions concerning her mind-cleanse…as SK carries the sleeping Luna out of the room.

This movie contains front bear hug KOs, reverse bear hug KOs, sleeper hold KO, neck chop KO, blackjack Ko, neck pinch in bear hug KO, chloroform KO, foot pressure KOs, sleepy spray KO, over the shoulder carries, cradle carry, fireman's carry,

24 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 796 MB

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