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You Snooze You Lose


Starring Nicole Oring, Jacquelyn Velvets, and Sleeperkid. The beautiful and exotic Nicole Oring makes her Velvets Fantasies debut in this seriously sexy sleepy role! Nicole plays a bikini clad rookie agent in training who thinks she's tough enough to graduate to the higher ranks. SK and Jacquelyn will try to prove her wrong by testing out her sleepy abilities first hand. Nicole puts up a great fight, but with each knockout, it leaves her in a woozy whirl that turns her into the perfect rag doll!

This movie contains multiple punch out KO, multiple sleeper hold KO and woozy, dust mask KO, choke out KO, sleepy spray KO, chloroform KO, temple drill, blackjack KOs, over the shoulder carries, fireman's carry into OTS, cradle carries, fireman's carry, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation, eye checks

29 minutes run time with OUTTAKES
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 913MB

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