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Vantage 5


It is with great honor that I am proud to introduce the next episode of Vantage!!!! Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Mandy, Danielle Trixie, Tomiko, Levi and Ed!
Our story starts out with our innocent and young Danielle Trixie, whom upon searching for her friend Mandy found herself in a heap of trouble when a mysterious figure arrives and is intent on finding where Vantage is.
Meanwhile, Vantage has her hands full when she walks into a trap set by Wonder Tomiko! These two go at it with back and forth knockouts until Vantage tries to strip Wonder Tomiko's bracelets and falls victim to a flash KO!
When Vantage awakens, she finds herself tied up in an unfamiliar location, only to be met by the Sleepmaster who delivers a brutal pummeling until he finally seals the deal with a punch out KO.
But just when you thought Vantage was in the clear, the trouble has just begun when introduced to a new villain!
This movie contains head bonk KOs, telekinesis KOs, chloroform KO, punch out KO, sleeper hold KO, flash effect KO, headbutt KO, hypnosis KO, light bondage
f/f over the shoulder carry, cradle carry, dragging, fireman's carry, and a Vantage pummeling session!!!
32 minutes run time

You can watch a 1 minute trailer HERE:

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