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The Sleepy Specialist Part 3


Starring Sumiko and Kristie Etzold

Picking up from THE SLEEPY SPECIALIST 2, we fade in a sleeping Sumiko being carried into a bedroom by Kristie Etzold (the specialist hired in part 2), who’s convinced the dazed beauty that she’s now in Kristie’s home. She enjoys watching her mind games take hold as she repeatedly sends Sumiko to Dreamland, even though her sleepy customer clearly wants this session to end. Kristie’s committed to her craft, however, explaining that she won’t be done until her paid time expires! We watch as Kristie toys with her knocked out victim, rag dolling her, relieving her of her nighty, playing KO games with her, and carrying her repeatedly…until she finally reveals that they’ve been in Sumiko’s home the entire time.

In the end, The Specialist decides she’s found a new favorite client. She knocks Sumiko out one last time with a vise-like sleeper hold before over-the-shoulder carrying her into the bedroom for a special “extended” session…as we fade to black!

This movie contains sleepy gas KO, teasing gas mask KO, blackjack KOs, chloroform KO, dust mask KO, hand smother KO, reverse bear hug KO, light body kissing, sleeper hold KO, OTS, cradle, fireman's carry, cradle carry, limp limb manipulation, rag dolling

27 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 912 MB

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