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Immerse Yourself: with Keri Spectrum Part 2


Starring Keri Spectrum

You’re standing outside of the lovely Keri’s house…a home you’ve been stalking for days. You ring the bell and she comes to the door wearing a sexy teddy and robe, apparently waiting for a date night. She’s delighted at the flower delivery, wondering if they’re from her new man. She takes a whiff, hoping to experience the gift’s fragrance, but finding a strange smell in its place. Her eyes roll back and she passes out cold as you smile, gently making your way into her living room. You open up your bag of tricks, prepping your toys…shaking from the anticipation. You see Keri awaken and you reach for a chloroform-soaked rag. What follows is an evening jam-packed with sexy and sleepy fun as you continuously render the beautiful blonde unconscious, watching as she crawls feebly from room to room, even upstairs as you expertly end her struggles over and over again. The end comes with a syringe filled with a highly effective sleepy serum making its way into the soft flesh of Keri’s derriere. She releases a final defeated sigh as she slips into the deepest of sleeps. You think to yourself: “Why make this an EVENING of fun…when it can go on for DAYS?”

You admire her slumbering form as we slowly fade to black. See you when you wake up, Keri.

This movie contains KO flowers, teasing chloroform KO, chloroform KO, dust mask KO, gas mask KO, injection KO, limp limb manipulation

16 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 532 MB

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