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Alisa Kiss Of The Spider Woman


Starring Alisa Kiss and Jacquelyn Velvets

Based off a custom script!!! We fade in on a female's voice pleading for help on the phone.  She tells the police there's someone coming after her, sounding horrified before she cuts the call off.  Then...a sly smile.

We then fade in on Spider-Woman (played by Alisa KIss in "Gwen Stacy" form) landing on the woman's back yard, having head the distress call.  She makes her way inside the house and finds a tied up Jacquelyn Velvets, who pleads through her gagged lips. Alisa quickly removes Jacquelyn's bound limbs and then suddenly says "Wait.  My Spider Sense is tin..."

A sudden blast of sleepy spray hits her face and the masked heroine drops like a stone as Jacquelyn rises, smiling.  

Turns out Miss Velvets is actually a bounty hunter whose sleepy specialties are perfect for capturing superheroines and presenting them to their arch nemesis (you guys get all that?)!!  Alisa finds herself in bondage, only to be KO'ed after an escape attempt. She is then stripped down and placed face down on a table as Miss Velvets taunts her...before sending her to sleep with an expertly delivered sleepy syringe.   

Cut to POV. Spider-Woman's arch nemesis enters the room and watches as Velvets hypnotizes Alisa into being under HIS control.  He puts her to sleep with a single snap of the finger and we fade in to a few minutes later.  The baddie pays Jacquelyn only to dose her with some sleepy spray of her own!  Jacquelyn collapses to the couch and fades to black only to wake up with her wrists and ankles tied up!

Alisa is all smiles as she walks in and hypnotizes her tormentor, putting her down and out via a sweet set of hypnotic commands.  She turns to her arch nemesis: "What do you think, boss? she says, smiling.  "Did I do a god job?"

The man snaps his fingers and Spider-Woman collapses on top of an already unconscious bounty hunter. We can almost hear him grin as we fade to black...

The End...?

This movie contains sleepy spray KOs, chloroform KO, sleeping gas KO, syringe KO, hypnosis KOs, finger snap hypnosis command KOs, bondage

16 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 535 MB

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